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Since august 2002 I am a member of the monit developer team.

Monit is a utility to monitor processes and system states. Appropriate actions, like restarting processes, are handled automatically as well as manually by the user. Information is visible via command line and web interface.

pyBibliothek German

pyBibliothek is a webbased, themeable "book-library" viewer and management system. It uses Python and MySQL. It's main features are a simple user interface via a webbrowser, a converter to import Allegro library databases and the possibility to interact directly with SQL or REXEXP queries.
Unfortunately the program is by now only available in german language.

This shell script can be used to check the status of imap mail boxes. In contrast to fetchmail it checks "recent" mails and not "seen" mails. The output is fetchmail compatible. Thus, it works perfectly with gkrellm .

In order to run with ssl support you need stunnel version 3 or the OpenSSL tool. Whereas, stunnel is noticeably faster. Without ssl support you need netcat .

This Python-script is a helper for mod_auth_any .

Use the following syntax in your httpd.conf or .htaccess files:

AuthAnyUserProg "/wherever/dir/ -w -a myarea -g mygroup"
AuthType Basic
AuthName "My Area"

This Python-script help building shtml pages for different users. It checks the user and the group and decides whether to include the file or not.

Use the following syntax in your shtml file:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/" --> is a class for matrix computation in Python. It features additionally methods to solve linear equation. It does not define vectors; they can be emulated by one row or one column matrices. is a simple benchmarking program based on Results for comparison are documented in the source code. is a daemon implemented in Python. It's only purpose is to do nothing but being a daemon. Thus, it can be used to test a monitoring system without compromising any vital system.

The daemon can listen to a TCP port, a unix socket, write proper pid-files (in time and delayed), delay it's fork and log it's activity. is an automated password policy enforcement script witten in Python und using John the Ripper.

The system administrator and the user are automatically informed about weak passwords. Passwords have to withstand a quick and a long term bruteforce attack by John the Ripper. Each length is configurable.

A cron script for automated deactivation of user accounts based to these results is included.

For privacy reasons this script does not save any passwords just MD5 sums of it's passwd hash. But it is on you to take care that John the Ripper is not letting them lie around!

Attention: For real life use you have to review and change all the settings. These scripts could crash your whole password database! And this is definitely just a quick and dirty hack... so you have been warned!

Additionally you can download a 1414555 entry wordlist usable with John the Ripper.

This shell script converts LaTeX, DVI and PostScript(TM) to PDF(TM). Fonts are not crumbled. Clickable contents and references as well as sidebar menus are generated if you are using hyperref.sty in your LaTeX source.

Of course LaTeX, dvips and ps2pdf is required.

my XEmacs init.el

Over several years of excessive XEmacs usage my init.el grew a lot. Beware, it requires several external packages.

my .tcshrc

Even though there are good alternatives, somehow I wanna use tcsh as my favorite shell. This .tcshrc is used with Linux as well as Solaris.


I do not give any warranty on any damage done by the software on this page. You are using it on your own risk!

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